NLP teaches that our mind-body (neuro) and what we say (language) all interact to form our perceptions of the world. If the words and body language we use reflect a subconscious, inaccurate perception of our experiences, they will create an underlying problem and our negative attitudes can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. A skilled hypnotherapist employs the NLP technique of observing your words, facial expressions, and body movements to determine problems in your perception, and to help you understand the cause. You'll be given suggestions to "remodel" your thoughts and steer them in a positive direction.  

Hypnotherapy Techniques

Age regression takes you back to the age (perhaps in your childhood) when an experience that may have triggered the current problem occurred. Age progression takes you to a future time, either to see the consequences of ignoring the problem or to experience the happiness of a life where the problem is no longer an issue.

Guided imagery is the process by which the hypnotherapist uses words to take you on an inner journey for a particular purpose.  Because many of the body's responses do not distinguish between "real" and imagined experiences (a scary movie raises your adrenaline, for instance, just as if you were actually threatened), this directed narration can involve all of your senses. Experiencing these sensations can help you recall memories that may have caused a current problem and enable you to resolve it. Conversely, the visualization of a pleasant or exhilarating experience can be a potent healing or motivational force.    

Parts therapy is the process of calling out and communicating directly with any and all parts of the subconscious to help a client achieve a desired result. The use of parts therapy for resolving inner conflict normally involves mediation between the two primary parts in conflict (for instance, the part that wants to quit overeating and be healthy and another part that wants sweets for comfort).

After the loss of my husband, I felt like I just couldn't go on. Now I
can think about our life together and remember the good times . . . and enjoy the life I have now.


Janice T.

Both my parents were killed when I was five  years old. Even though
I was raised by loving grandparents I never got over feeling abandoned.
With Janene's help, I
was able to forgive my parents and put the
issue behind me.


Matt J.

I had no idea why I had been terrified of cats all
my life. Janene helped
me recall the experience
in childhood that had set
up the phobia and we
were able to address it.


Sharon M.

Janene M. Williams
Certified Hypnotherapist


Past life recall is a special form of age regression. If the concept of reincarnation is part of your belief system, past life recall
can be a valuable tool for analyzing current issues. Even without your literal belief, the creative imagery evoked in a session of this type may give you a greater understanding of your fears and aspirations.

Past Life Recall

This technique can be useful if used for self-awareness - not merely for escapism or fantasy.

Visualization and Guided Imagery
Age Regression/Progression
Parts Therapy
Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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A variety of techniques may be employed in the course of a hypnosis session, and here is where the skill of the hypnotherapist can really make a difference. Janene decides which techniques to
use based on your life experiences, beliefs,
personality, vocabulary and speech patterns, as well as on the issues to be addressed. Along with basic relaxation techniques, elements of the following may also be used:

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Age regression/progression

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