It's as simple as changing your mind.

Janene M. Williams
Certified Hypnotherapist

Serving the Dallas / Fort Worth Area

Contrary to past belief, hypnosis is not just an entertaining party trick.  It's a respected, effective technique that can help

You know what you want to be:  happy, healthy, and productive.  And deep down, you know how to get there.  Maybe you just need a little help talking to yourself.


Hypnosis can change your life.

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Control weight
Stop smoking
Alleviate chronic pain
Manage stress
Sleep better

Maintain a fitness program
Step up athletic performance
Get rid of unhealthy habits
Improve study techniques
Mitigate breathing difficulties

Relieve migraines
Handle guilt feelings
Eliminate fears
Improve memory
Increase confidence

and more! Call Janene for a free consultation to find out if hypnosis is right for you. Or you can send an
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Certification and registration with the National Guild of Hypnotists, America's oldest and most respected organization of professionals in the field.

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This site last modified on Friday, May 2, 2008

It is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of our dear friend and colleague Janene Williams on February 29, 2008. Her intelligence, wit, and generous spirit will be sorely missed; she was a shining star who touched the hearts of all who knew her.

Hypnosis was a great help to Janene in her courageous battle with cancer. This website will remain operational for awhile in her memory and perhaps will encourage others to seek the benefits of hypnotherapy as well.